Creative Safe Haven

Individuals seeking Creative Safe Haven (or their nominators) are required to complete our intake form. This enables us to better understand the case and determine if we can be of assistance. Due to a high case volume, the typical time needed to assess a case ranges from 1 to 3 weeks. Unfortunately, we are not able to take up every case that we learn about. Through this program, we may respond by:

  • Providing temporary safe haven placements of 3-6 months within artist residency apartments
  • Providing “gap” placements between other safe haven or academic programs
  • Providing referrals to academic programs and other funding/human rights institutions
  • Sharing professional and personal contacts in country of refuge, when applicable
  • Providing referrals to legal, health, and psycho-social services
  • Creating linkages between activists and culture workers in exile together with human rights practitioners and policy-makers through mini-retreats

While freeDimensional tries to link activists and culture workers in need to services where applicable, we are not ourselves able to provide direct legal counsel, psycho-social services, or medical assistance.

We are in the process of opening up the Creative Safe Haven process; therefore we provide technical assistance to any art space (regardless of network membership) wishing to host culture workers-in-distress, combined with support to partner networks that wish to include Creative Safe Haven on their menu of offerings. This is achieved using video tutorials and a ‘how to’ guide created with the help of New Tactics in Human Rights, which are disseminated through online, DVD, print and workshop formats. We continue to match culture workers-in-distress with partner art spaces; however we want to encourage art spaces to identify and respond to local and regional issues for which our tools can be useful.

Read case study.

See the how-to guide: “Art Spaces Hosting Activism: Using surplus resources to provide individual assistance and strengthen community engagement”.

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