Distress Services

Each year, hundreds of culture workers are violently assaulted for pursuing social change through their art forms: as community leaders and role models, they lose their jobs; face arbitrary imprisonment; and are sometimes killed for speaking truth to power. freeDimensional believes that art spaces are a vital part of civil society and are in a unique position to support activists and culture workers-in-distress while engaging their local communities around key issues.

Distress Services are intended for activists and culture workers in situations of distress as a result of their professional work. Distress situations may include verbal threats, imprisonment or legal persecution, violent attack, professional or social exclusion, or harassment. In assessing potential cases, freeDimensional confirms the validity of the persecution faced with trusted outside sources and conducts its own independent research. We also consider the extent to which our limited resources can be effective in relation to the urgency of the situation.

Since 2005, freeDimensional has come to the aid of over 200 activists and culture workers in distress. These individuals are activist artists, journalists, musicians, writers, and community organizers and came from more than 35 countries.


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