Nepali artist Manish Harijan faces death threats

UNESCO has expressed concern at the death threats to Manish Harijan, a Nepali painter whose works are on show at one of Kathmandu’s art galleries. “The right to freedom of expression must also apply to artistic expression. Tension that may arise between artistic creation and religious and ethical values should be openly discussed instead of […]

Host an Occupier Now !

fD Board members Martin Rosengaard and Todd Lester have partnered with the S17 Support Group to set up a hosting system in New York city for Occupy Wall Street’s one-year anniversary weekend: Host an Occupier. The Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street is upon us. Organizing work is nearly complete as cities across the country and […]

Uganda jails British producer David Cecil over play about homosexuality

Activists on Friday slammed Uganda for arresting a British theatre producer who staged a play about a gay man in defiance of a ban by the country’s media authorities. Producer David Cecil was charged in court Thursday with two counts including one of “disobeying legal orders” and sent to prison pending a bail hearing next […]

Urgent Call to Action: Free Zakaria Zubeidi !

On the 9th of September Zakaria Zubeidi announced that he will embark on a death fast, a complete food and fluid strike, in response to the continuous postponement of his release from Palestinian Authority prison. This effectively means that unless the Palestinian Authority releases Zakaria he will most probably not make it through the week.  Zubeidi, […]

As fighting rages, four political satirists find themselves swept up in the debates that divide Syria’s revolutionaries.

Witness: In November 2011, as armed conflict raged in Syria, a young acting troupe called Masasit Mati launched a ground-breaking, finger-puppet show: Top Goon: Diaries of a Little Dictator, which mocks the Syrian regime in ways never seen in public before. Living in exile, the four actors in Masasit Mati broadcast their show online, attracting […]

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