Stop the persecution of Bahraini artists and intellectuals!

fD joins Trans Europe Halles, Freemuse and the International Coalition of Arts, Human Rights and Social Justice in denouncing the continued persecution of Bahraini artists and intellectuals. Since the popular uprisings began this past spring, several hundred culture workers have faced threats, harassment, loss of job, torture and imprisonment. Several weeks ago we submitted a […]

fD participates in the Triangle Network Conference – November 26 & 27

fD founder Todd Lester joins a panel at ‘Networked: Dialogue and Exchange in the Global Art Ecology’ in London, England. Organized by the Triangle Network, the conference featured representatives of arts and cultural networks and organizations from around the world. Topics covered include: the principles and ethics that guide cultural networks, the use of network […]

VI. Festival Against Censorship honors fD stakeholder ZUNAR with the 2011 “Courage to Fight Censorship” award

  BILBAO, Spain. November 10, 2011 –  ZUNAR a.k.a. Zulkiflee Anwar Haque, who has been drawing  editorial cartoons for the past 20 years in Malaysia, was awarded the “Courage To Fight Censorship” Award at the VI. Festival Against Censorship. ZUNAR uses his drawing pen as a weapon to fight state  corruption and abuse of power. […]

fD participates in VI. Festival Against Censorship – November 7-11

fD program coordinator Sidd Joag joins a roundtable discussion at the VI. Festival Against Censorship in Bilbao, Spain.  Now in its 6th year, the Festival is organized by the Basque production company Serrano in collaboration with FREEMUSE and in 2010 honored fD with its annual No Censorship award. Highlights of this year’s Festival program include […]

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