fD participates in Creative Time’s ‘Living as Form’ exhibition – Friday, September 30 @ Essex Street Market

On Friday, September 30, from 4pm to 8pm, performance artist and painter Chaw Ei Thein and radio journalist Lawman Lynch will create “social space” in Creative Time’s ‘Living as Form’ exhibition at the Essex Street Market. [www.creativetime.org/livingasform] Transit Lounge/Waiting Room captures the experiences of fD’s New York stakeholders (artists displaced from their home countries as […]

Hadi al-Medhi, Iraqi journalist and theater director, killed on September 8

Hadi al-Medhi, one of the main organizers of a mass demonstration on September 9, was found assassinated in his home one day prior. Hadi, an outspoken critic of government corruption and the denial of basic rights, had experienced threats, kidnapping and torture earlier this year. On February 25, after participating in the ‘Day of Rage’ […]

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