Artists speak out on conditions in Belarus & Iran

Chronicler of Iran’s Green Movement, cartoonist Kianoush Ramezani speaks out on the hunger strike by political prisoners in Iran (see video), and Nikolai Khalezin, co-founder of Belarus Free Theater writes The Last Letter to Sasha, an open letter to President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Ai Weiwei released; colleagues still detained

BEIJING — China said Thursday that dissident artist Ai Weiwei, who was released from jail a day earlier, remained under investigation and would be prohibited from leaving Beijing for at least the next year as a condition of his bail. “Ai Weiwei is still under investigation,” Hong Lei, the foreign ministry spokesman, told a regularly scheduled news […]

Art Residencies & Conflict Areas (June 24/25)

A two-day event that engages artists, independent arts organizations, residency programmers, and community initiatives on specific areas and cheap oakley sunglasses conceptions of conflict. Issues for discussion will include mobility, community outreach, and exchange of knowledge through the broadly-interpreted artist residency model.  Art Residencies & Conflict Areas is initiated by Residency  Unlimited, and  jointly organized by Residency Unlimited, freeDimensional & […]

Border Statements & the Regional Triage Team Model

Border Statements is a community arts initiative and artist residency in Ruili City, Yunnan province, on the China-Burma (Myanmar) border, which uses arts and cultural programs to counteract the adverse effects of the Golden Triangle drug trade, human trafficking and HIV/AIDS on ethnic minority youth. Launched in 2007 by Zero Capital Arts, the project […]

A training for supporting culture workers in distress

From July 15-20, freeDimensional is training 12 knowledge workers from around the world on our resource mapping methodology for supporting artists whose activist work puts them in danger.  If you know someone well-suited for this role, please share our Case Consultant Terms of Reference.  We will be hosted by the Breuninger Stiftung on their Wasan Island […]

Arts educator & eco-activist assassinated in Brazil

Maria do Espírito Santo and her husband, José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva fought against illegal loggers and had received death threats but were refused police protection. They were killed in an ambush near their home in Nova Ipixuna, in Pará state on May 23, 2011. In a speech at a TEDx event in Manaus, in November, Da Silva spoke […]

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