Singer & Kurdish spokesperson Ferhat Tunç gets 25 day prison sentence just before Music Freedom Day ’11

Turkey continues to prosecute its intellectuals and artists. At a concert in 2006 Ferhat Tunç  praised 17 people who died in a military operation against the illegal Ray Ban outlet Maoist Communist Party two years earlier in 2004. Some of those killed were friends of the singer, who frequently talks about the necessity of creating peace and granting Turkish minorities […]

Egypt, the Distance between Populism & Revolt

It is 2200 kilometers from Cairo to Budapest; 2090 kilometers from Cairo to Tunis; and only 1396 kilometers from Tunis to Budapest. Whereas the revolt in Tunis has inspired other North African uprisings, it is fair to ask why the the media played an Ray Ban outlet enabler for Tunisia while being collectively ambivalent on […]

Chobi Mela in Dhaka this week // Founder Shahidul Alam joins fD Advocates

The Chobi Mela VI – International Festival of Photography will be held from 21 January to 3 February, 2011 in Dhaka Bangladesh and will present the work of creative artists participating from 30 countries. The festival with its theme “Dreams” is designed to be a birthplace of ideas, and a crossover meeting point for many […]

Limits to Free Speech? Symposium on Freedom of Speech & Online resource on Inflammatory Speech

The exhibition Freedom of Speech at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein and Kunstverein Hamburg questions and analyzes the concept of freedom of speech and the ideological role it plays in Western democracies. Everything revolves around the questions: What if only those who tell the truth were allowed to speak? What consequences does freedom of expression have for our […]

Belarus Free Theatre in New York

Belarus Free Theatre is performing at the Under the Radar festival this week in New York.  fD joined Trans Europe Halles to launch a solidarity fund for Belarus Free Theatre back after the December 19th elections when their members were either in hiding or in jail. freeDimensional worked with Arts & Democracy to publish a […]

Prominent Chinese Artist’s Studio Torn Down

BEIJING — The studio would have stood at the heart of an embryonic arts cluster on the outskirts of Shanghai, drawing luminaries from around the world. It took two years to build, and one day to tear down. The new Shanghai studio designed by Ai Weiwei, a protean artist who is one of the most outspoken critics of […]

Mozambican artist, activist, lawmaker, Malangatana Ngwenya dies at 74

Malangatana Ngwenya, one of Africa’s best-known contemporary artists, whose phantasmagoric paintings were inspired by political conditions in his home country, Mozambique, died on Wednesday in Matosinhos, Portugal. He was 74. Mr. Ngwenya, a beloved national hero in Mozambique, was one of the few African artists to gain substantial worldwide recognition Ray Ban outlet while staying in Africa […]

Theatre actors imprisoned in Zimbabwe

The cast of Rituals a sequel to the play Heal the Wound (2009) which dealt with the wounds of the political violence in Zimbabwe’s harmonized general elections of 2008, was arrested in the city of Mutare, Zimbabwe where they are currently touring. In an interview last night, Daves Ray Ban outlet Guzha the Producer of […]

Taalifkat Tudunya Workshop at Gorée Institute

Taalifkat Tudunya, which translates from Woloff as “writers in the world,” is a ten-day writing and arts workshop for writers and artists hosted in collaboration between the Pirogue Collective and the Gorée Institute on Gorée Island, Senegal. The next edition is January 5 – January 15, 2011. Four workshops in poetry, prose, visual arts and […]

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