A project we like: The Impossible Music Sessions

freeDimensional is now five years old.  Whereas we have a particular way that we actualize art and social justice by hosting activists and culture workers-in-distress in the surplus (vacant) apartments of artist residencies, we often see amazing projects that inspire us, innovate and show new approaches to advocating freedom of thought and expression.  The Impossible […]

Freeing Belarus through Theatre {World Policy Blog #4}

The Iron Curtain may have come down, but what remains is still in Belarus. Under Alexander Lukashenko’s stringent regime, the capacity for individual expression is strictly limited. Creative endeavors like plays—regardless of its politics—are censored by the government. The Belarus Free Theatre, founded in 2005, stages modern performances addressing social issues. While the company sells out internationally, they […]

Zimbabwe Artist Maseko Finalist for Freedom to Create Prize

Zim Artist Owen Maseko expresses the atrocities of the Gukurahundi (5th Brigade) through his painting, graffiti and 3D installations, with the hope that greater cheap oakley openness about the massacres will lead to reconciliation and national healing. freeDimensional recently provided Maseko a Creative Safe Haven residency in Bilbao, Spain, and we just learned that he […]

Free Belarus – Literary & Human Rights organizations campaign together in weeks before election

Founded in 2005 by a husband-wife team, the Belarus Free Theatre is the only unregistered – thus independent and therefore illegal – dramatic troupe in this post-communist country.  Effectively banned at home, BFT’s performances have taken on an underground Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo existence, with audiences alerted via text message or e-mail.  Its covert […]

‘Men & Women’ by Umida Akhmedova screens in NYC

You may remember early this year when an Uzbek court found, Umida Akhmedova, a documentary director guilty of slander for making a film on the difficulties faced by newly married women in the authoritarian Central Asian state.  Umida Akhmedova was convicted of “offence through mass media” by the court in the capital Tashkent after government experts found her […]

Chaw ei Thein Fights Burma’s Junta with Performance and Paintings {World Policy Blog #3}

In one of the busiest street markets in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), Chaw Ei Thein and a friend, the artist Htein Lin, created a performance to comment on the inflated prices under the current Burmese government. They sold small items like candy and ribbons for miniscule amounts of money. They were arrested, and would have been jailed […]

Amplifying Critical Voices

freeDimensional director, Todd Lester, gives keynote talk at the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM) meeting in Glasgow, Scotland (4-7 Nov 2010).  IETM is invited to come together in Glasgow this Autumn, to explore our many possible futures together under the working theme of VOICES.  See his hand-drawn slides here!

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