Issa Nyaphaga – The Art of Exile {World Policy Blog #2}

Issa Nyaphaga is known as the ragman of painting. He creates art out of garbage – anything from mud and sand to feathers and human hair. Nyaphaga gives disposed items a sort of renewal. But his artwork represents much darker story of rebirth. Nyaphaga was raised in a small village in the equatorial forests of Cameroon. […]

fD receives award @ Festival Against Censorship in Bilbao

fD received the annual No Censorship award at the 5th Festival Against Censorship in Bilbao, Spain.  fD and the Creative Resistance Fund work with the Festival Against Censorship to make travel grants and provide local accommodation each year for artists in danger due to their use of creativity to fight injustice. Last year this emergency […]

fD partners with networks to archive Mobility Stories

How does artist travel relate to other forms of human mobility? At a time when tensions are high across borders and cultures (and hurdles to mobility increase), citizens, communities and governments are listening to artists and cultural programmers as vanguard voices on complex issues and look to the solutions they propose with renewed interest … […]

Future Residency talks @ Res Artis meeting in Montreal

fD director leads call-and-response panels between activists and residency innovators at the Res Artis General Meeting in Montreal, Canada (Oct 5-10).  Read more about Future Residency – Hosting & Hospitality in the Era of Globalization in the conference programme.

Abazar Hamid – Supporting Culture in the Face of Injustice {World Policy Blog #1}

Abazar Hamid has a song hoping for peace in Darfur and a song with visions of a new Sudan—two subjects that the government won’t allow on the radio. Only his most innocuous tunes about love are allowed in public. All Hamid wants to do is reverse the deadly effects Hakama, the traditional Arab singers more locally […]

freeDimensional Evolving

freeDimensional has been making some big changes – including this new website. Welcome! Also, here’s an action alert where we could use your help: Georgian poets Shota Gagarin and Alex Chigvinadze were arrested for reading Walt Whitman poetry on George W. Bush street in Tbilisi. This was on August 14. Today they face the danger […]

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